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Why don’t people accept me?

Do you feel that you accept yourself and that you accept others? If you were in their shoes, would you accept you?

Whatever judgment or insecurity you have, you will see reflected on other people. You will think that everyone is being unwelcoming because subconsciously you are not accepting of them or you feel that there is something about you that is unacceptable. This feeling is subconsciously manifested into physical reality. The end result is that you will only end up meeting people who do not accept you. The ones who would, and there are many, will pass through your life without you knowing it.

Try changing your mind from negative to positive. Stop thinking that everybody is against you. There are billions of people in the world and you have not met everybody. Instead of focusing on your faults, give consideration to what your assets are. As your sense of self-worth increases, your feelings change. This vibration is then sent into the universe and manifests into the physical. It would be wise to become aware of what vibration you are emitting to the universe since you are subconsciously manifesting every millisecond.

You just have to know that the light is there, you don’t have to see the light.

Keep thoughts to myself
in pure isolation.
Avoiding all bonds
that lead to rejection.
This safe world is mine
no need for protection.
Uncertainty grows
a massive infection.
Obscure and alone
was not my intention

Arms up in the air
embracing frustration.

Instead find a cure
for social starvation.
Seek light from within
find purification.
See people as friends
that land at your station.
If life is a chore
make it a vacation.
Come out of your shell
to meet your reflection
Prepare for a win
live life to perfection.

– Mytika

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