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What is our universe?

Our universe is made up of a magnetic field, two reflectors and a filter.

Magnetic Field
Magnetic force is created when opposite energy waves (positive and negative) fuse. This concentrated fused energy creates the magnetic field.

The reflectors can be seen as two mirrors that receive energy from the magnetic field. This energy is then reflected in the physical after being filtered. The circular movement of energy can be seen as an infinite loop made up of positive and negative energy.

The filter serves as a mediator between both reflectors.

People feel light when they feel that they have connected to the spiritual (positive energy). They feel heavy when they are weighed down by physical gravity (negative energy).

Positive energy can be felt as a pull. Negative energy can be described as a push. Push / pull feelings serve as spiritual guides and indicate a connection with the universe.

An infinite realm
the Universe
Brings magic alive
to us inverse
As we practice love
for the adverse
It cares for us too
in reverse
is a blank verse
With energy felt
as it is disbursed

– Mytika

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