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Can Heaven be on Earth?

Earth can serve as a Heaven for everyone.

Earth has infinite dimensions where every wish can be granted. Depending on an individual’s happiness, they can choose a dimension that brings Heaven on Earth. Through manifestation and self control, life can become very fulfilling.  

Guilt may cause some people to feel unworthy of receiving fulfillment without sacrifice. Through fears and lack of self-control, negative manifestations may occur. This causes people to believe that they are in either a limbo or Hell.

By gaining control of their own lives and manifesting for themselves, people can create their individual Heaven on Earth.

I will borrow your eye
put it straight into mine.

See the world that I see,
as I bring you with me.

Have you observed some sand
with a microscope?
It will awe you at sight
fill your heart up with hop

Ever looked at a moth orchid
straight in the eye?
It would stare at you back,
give your day a surprise.

More proof that I earned
from the lessons I learned.

Watch a cactus give birth
this is heaven on earth.

– Mytika

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