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How do the future, past and present work together?

Every time a question is asked, the physical world provides an answer through life experiences. This is how reality, as you know it, exists. Time and space only exist in the physical. To understand the nature of the future, past and present, one needs to examine how they pertain to the creation of physical reality.

The future can be seen as the question, the past can be seen as the notes, and the present can be seen as the answer.

The future is the question because you do not know what will happen. Fears surrounding the future are due to this uncertainty.

The past has already occurred so you already know what happened. By looking at the past, you are reviewing your notes in order to predict what the answer could be.

The present is the answer because it is the end result. What is happening to you right now is the result of the questions guided by your notes from the past. The present was manifested, either consciously, or more often, subconsciously.

For example, Hudson decides that he wants to buy a new car but he’s not sure if the dealer will approve his car loan. So, the question Hudson is asking is will he get a new car in the future. In order to find the answer, Hudson’s mind looks into what he has learned in the past. His credit score is average. His friend was able to get a car with low credit. Dealerships are usually anxious to approve buyers near the end of the year to make room for the new inventory. Based on these notes that he has learned from the past, Hudson decides that his chances are good so he goes to the car lot and is able to purchase his new car. In the present, Hudson found the answer to his question by purchasing a new car.

With the past, present and future, the only one that is real is the present. The future (the question) is not real because it does not exist until it morphs into the present. The past (the notes) does not exist because it is simply memories. When the present morphs into the past, it no longer exists and instead becomes notes that can be referenced.

Your memories live in the spiritual realm because you have intangible access to them. The future is from the spiritual realm because they are questions that exist in your mind but are not yet part of your physical reality. Your present existence is your physical reality. In the spiritual, a question was asked and in the physical the answer made itself known. This is the nature of life. Every question has an answer. One cannot exist without the other.

If time and space
do not exist,
why are time frames
never dismissed?

The future is not here just yet.
The past has gone, taking regrets.
The present comes but leaves too soon,
a changing phase, just like the moon.

“Will be” is surely an unknown,
patiently wait as it is shown.
Let go of all things left behind,
or stagnancy you will soon find.
In the now makes complete sense,
until “the now” becomes dispensed.

– Mytika


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