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Does time and space exist?

Time and space are real in the physical. However, they do not exist in the spiritual.

In complete spiritual, there is oneness. In oneness, there’s no such thing as distance because you need at least two points for there to be anything to have distance from.

Duality only exists when entering the physical. As the original separation into duality came to be, the concept of space was created. In order to quantify space, distance was established which was then measured by time. Time and space became essential to living, and are therefore manifested into physical realities.

Uplifted to
another realm
my soul emerged
my body fell

I journey though
a different place
a simple scene
no time or space

No cold dark nights
No warm bright days
Such stable grounds
in shades of gray

What happens here
is always fair
No feelings of
unjust despair

No sticks or stones
No wrong or right
an equal zone
of pure delight

– Mytika

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