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Feelings, Keys and Manifestation

What do keys unlock within people?

By acquiring keys, people have the ability to see different perceptions and experience different dimensions. When True Self is exposed to different experiences, it creates feelings. By evaluating their feelings, people have the choice to decide which dimension they would like to enter from a larger set of possibilities.

For example, Camila is a student who finds herself with an opportunity to go to a concert with her friends. The only problem is that she has a physics exam that she needs to study for the next day. She thinks about her possible options and their outcomes. In one scenario, Camila can cheat on her test but she might be caught and given an automatic failing grade. In another scenario, she could cheat and possibly get away with it. Camila could choose not to cheat but she would have to guess at the answers and hope they are correct. Alternatively, her guesses may be incorrect. By looking at all the scenarios, Camila can see how she would feel with each of the possible outcomes and choose the dimension she will enter. While waiting in line at the concert, she talks with her friend Anna about the physics test. Anna mentions that her plan is to wake up three hours early and study before school. Camila hadn’t thought of that and decides that she’ll study with Anna in the morning. In the future, Camila now has another possible answer to similar situations.

Keys unlock doors into different dimensions. With each key earned, we are given an opportunity to experience a different, and out of the box, quality of life.

– Mytika

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