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Is God responsible for suffering?

No. People choose to put themselves through lesson-based trials in order to test their faith. This may be perceived as suffering.

It is important to realize that God has unending faith in your ability to overcome these trials including facing sickness, poverty, etc… The trials are permitted because you have free will. Additionally, they are seen as helpful lessons that can serve you throughout lifetimes.

The power of faith is an infinite loop between your faith in God and God’s faith in you.

When thinking back to trying times in my life, I vaguely remember the issues I faced. In an effort to let go of unwanted negative cycles, I gave myself a short exercise for when I am overwhelmed. I try to think of what problems I encountered ten years ago, I tap into how hopeless I felt. I then remember that my problem has since been resolved and my future misfortunes will be as well. How they were fixed doesn’t really matter. What is important is that they no longer exist.

– Mytika

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