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What are God’s expectations for life?

What are God’s expectations for life?

God is the combination of everything and everyone. When people unite, they are showing love and acceptance towards each other and therefore towards God. This leads to people loving and accepting themselves as well.

Once this occurs, everyone will realize that they are the author of their own story. This will then allow everyone to create and experience their own individual form of happiness.

When humanity unifies, by acknowledging and accepting that everyone has individual forms of happiness, they will feel Heaven on Earth.

Can I create my heaven?

If I let gratitude rule and just erase old resentments, will I bring forward a peaceful feeling ?

Will the feeling of peace create a protective sound board and manifest a new world for me?

Is a new world what I need to believe that I am happy?

Can I be happy and satisfied where I am and with whom I am?

With the confidence that is necessary to reach the first step towards the creation of heaven on earth.

– Mytika

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