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What is a way to show love towards God?

The expression of love is the act of giving and receiving the light of God. When you show love to anything in the physical, the God within you shows love towards the God within them. 

For example, Darren was 18 years old when he was given his first car upon graduating high school. Throughout his college years, his car safely transported him wherever he needed to go. It was in that car that he went on his first date with his future wife. When Darren needed a place to be by himself, he’d find peace while sitting in his car and listening to music. It drove him home from the hospital after the birth of his first child. When he was frustrated and needed a place to be sad, it was his sanctuary. Darren’s car presented the love of God to him and was there for him whenever he needed it. By maintaining, fixing or donating the vehicle to someone who will care for it, Darren is showing appreciation for, and love towards, God.

To give would mean you have, while receiving may mean you need. I always feel fulfilled when offering yet uncomfortable when asking. If given the choice, I much rather give than receive.

– Mytika

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