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What is love?

Love is a rainbow of colors and emotions.

Love is a combination of everything that can be felt emotionally. It is passionate, unsure, motivating, vibrational, determined, knowing, and full of light.

Though many are afraid of love, they still search for it. They are trying to find a love that reciprocates the love that they give. It’s important to realize that love can be expressed in different ways.

For example, Alejandro cleans his house and picks up after his wife Paloma. While vacuuming, he is often plagued by thoughts of how he would rather be having fun but he has to do this because she’s messy. At times, he even gets angry thinking about how she could be more considerate of him. Meanwhile, Paloma is in the kitchen cooking their dinner. Watching Alejandro clean, she thinks to herself about how much she enjoys cooking to create great tasting foods for them to enjoy. She doesn’t like that instead of keeping her company, Alejandro is so compulsive about cleaning.

In this example, Alejandro hates cleaning and uses it as a sacrifice to express love. Oblivious to the sacrifice being made, Paloma enjoys cooking and uses it to express love in a non-sacrificial way. Though both love one another very much, neither realize how the other expresses it.

Love can feel all consuming
turning every dull to bright
washing away old sadness
filling your heart with pure light

Love is never assuming
it is felt deep in your core
clearing away memories
once felt in every pore

Love will find you in due time
with no need for being chased
letting go will pursue fate
always there to be embraced

– Mytika

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