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Balance and The Gray

What is the Gray?

Gray is the space where decisions are made and acceptance is required. It consists of positive and negative energies such as love and hate. This allows the physical to have light and dark perceptions.

Love and Light” and “Hate and Dark” each have a purpose in our universe. Knowing this, and realizing that one cannot exist without the other, they can respect each other and work together (through the teaching of lessons and energy exchanges). It is a widespread belief that all souls are connected but few conceive that negative souls and positive souls are fused in the spiritual. When reaching the Gray, one can decide which path they wish to follow or remain in the Gray to reach balance.

The illustration below shows positive and negative energy, working together. Both energies entwine and balance at the Gray center point. Through the coexistence of positive and negative, all questions are answered. The unity between these two opposite forces brings forth physical existence.

As cool as I come
Still neutral to some

Releasing all positive
Removing the negative

Balance is key
The timeless in me

– Mytika

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