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Is “Love and Light” happiness?

Love and Light” is one form of happiness but everyone has different wants and needs.

In the physical, happiness is defined by your character. Your environment and the energy exchanges with others around you influence what you would define as happiness.

Spiritual happiness can be seen as “Love and Light”. It is the feeling that occurs at the center of your chest during times of great joy. The feeling of “Love and Light” varies by ray.

For example, Benjamin is a very goal oriented person. He finds himself feeling excited every time his job gives him more responsibilities. He sees it as an opportunity for him to get promoted by showing his worth. Benjamin’s core ray would be blue and work promotions would be his happiness. Benjamin has a hard time relating to his brother Brian. Brian can’t stand going to work everyday. His happiness comes from going to the library and reading books. Over family dinners, Brian annoys Benjamin by randomly quoting different facts he’s read about. Brian’s core ray is purple and gaining knowledge is his happiness.

My happiness is undefined

I am happy on the sunny days
filled with yellow hues.

Also happy on the moonlit nights
shiny stars now chase the blues.

My happiness I try to find

On stormy rains
that feed the greens
I find a smile
and my eyes gleam

I dream up thoughts
reddish purple flowers
with pink magnolias
facing light showers

The sun soon yawns
and falls asleep
with orange covered
skies that beam.

I see a rainbow
in it’s full height
as my heart fills
with pure delight

Guess it takes time to realize
My happiness is what I define

Love and Light is a rainbow of colors and emotions.

– Mytika

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