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Why do I keep thinking about the past?

In life, people go through multiple stages. When a new stage is about to begin, current and prior issues that would prevent the next chapter from happening, need to be resolved. People create their own individual reality but lingering subconscious issues limit the possibilities for the future.

For example, Emilee was in a relationship where her ex-fiancee cheated on her. She really loved her ex and was ready to marry him when she discovered the infidelity. After breaking up, Emilee is traumatized and subconsciously manifests (through expectations) that her future partners will cheat on her. Emilee is about to enter a new chapter in her life which includes meeting the man of her dreams. Before she can enter that chapter, she needs to clear up her expectations so that she can know that this kind of a relationship is possible; allowing it to arrive.

You think about the past so you can resolve those issues within yourself.

What most people don’t realize is that they keep meeting the same people throughout their life. Whenever someone leaves your life, a different version of them enters your life afterwards. They may have different names, different appearances, etc… but they have essentially the same personality. If a person resolves their conflict, then they will meet an improved version next. If a person has unresolved issues, then they will meet a worse version next. The worse version is put in their life to trigger those unresolved issues so that they can be resolved. Everything you are put through is for your overall growth and to get you ready for an improved future (higher dimension).

For example, Dylan loved to go motorcycle riding with his friend Andre. One day, while hanging out with a group of friends, Dylan was shocked when Andre started making fun of him. The situation escalated and Dylan decided it was best to not be friends with Andre anymore. A few months passed and Dylan decided to look into what had happened in the past. He realized that, on the day of the argument, he had overheard his girlfriend talking on the phone about a guy that she liked at her job. This made Dylan feel insecure. The whole situation with Andre happened later that day. Dylan realizes that his insecurity was brought to the surface by Andre’s comments later that day. Armed with this realization, Dylan looks inward and resolves his own insecurity issue. A week later, Dylan is out on his driveway working on his motorcycle when he meets Gavin. The two chat for a while about motorcycles and decide to go on rides together. The two will end up being great friends who have each other’s backs.

Always remember that when one door closes, another one opens. It’s up to you to decide where that door will lead by ignoring or resolving your issues.

Held stuck in a rut
with no where to go.
The world moves too fast
echoes remain slow.

Stare at the window
and watch from inside.
As I hold my breath
and inwardly dive.

Swimming with my soul
to places I knew.
My old childhood home
with friends that were true.

The joy that I felt
brings laughter I hear.
Remember what was
wish it was still near.

As time passes by
we all must move on.
The future awaits
the past is now gone

– Mytika

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