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Is it wrong to be angry with God?

Everyone is entitled to feel what they feel but you should always know the root of your anger and direct it accordingly.

Sometimes, being angry with yourself is the necessary catalyst to finding your True Self. The problem is that this anger can be redirected from yourself to blaming God.

For example, Kristen is driving home from a friend’s house when her car breaks down. Frustrated, she looks up at the sky and yells, “Why are you doing this to me?!” By not knowing her True Self, it makes it difficult for Kristen to realize that she has been carrying guilt. Her car had been acting up for weeks and she felt that its maintenance was being neglected. This manifested the mechanical failure. Kristen tries to start the car again and it works. While driving home, she passes an accident without realizing that she would have been involved in it if her car had been functioning properly. In life, situations may seem random and inconvenient but there is a reason and a purpose for absolutely everything.

You are always there

But do you care

Surrounded by despair

Why is life unfair

Moments appear

but I’m never there

Chances arrive

and yet I don’t dare

I try to climb up

but find cyclical stairs

Frustration runs deep

as my temper flares

It burns through my veins and raises my hair

As I look for you

but only see air

I go to the mirror

now know what we share

As I look at my eyes

soon finding your stare

– Mytika

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