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Does the term “lightworker” refer to all rays?

A light worker is someone that works directly with the spiritual to raise awareness in the physical. Each ray of light has a different purpose. The rays originate from the same Source and are separated by the physical in order to thoroughly represent all parts of Source.

Some light workers are in touch with their core rays. They feel their purpose and act accordingly. Light workers have a way of recognizing and knowing one another. When they work in unison, they are capable of great accomplishments.

General purpose of each ray:

Purple Ray – Teaching and learning

Blue Ray – Surviving and overcoming

Green Ray – Relaxation and entertainment

Yellow Ray – Empathy with love and compassion

Orange Ray – Leading and motivating

Pink Ray – Gaining self-worth and Humility

Red Ray – Igniting Passion

A combination of all the rays is the feeling of divine love which is the only love that can come directly from Source.

Down on my luck, I didn’t know what to do. So I sat in the garden with a basket of fruits.

I first peeled an orange, and with the fist bite, I remembered the race leaving all far behind. I then felt an urge a motivation to groove, so I grabbed my basket and was off on the move.

I spotted a pink rose bush and grabbed one quite fast. Didn’t notice the thorn as I bled from my hand. Regardless inhaled it and felt instantly crushed, as my hand was still hurting and it humbled my trust. I knew then that I should never rush the good, instead I am worthy of savoring what I could.

So glad I had lemon so yellow and tart, I squeezed just a little and winced from the heart. It instantly healed as it often does. Enjoying my comfort, I love it so much.

This all left me hungry, snatched a red apple. Bit off a piece as if only to sample. One bite led to more, I consumed it so fast. I bit my own tongue and started to laugh.

I proceeded to sit on the misty green grass. Contagious vibrations, now lit up my path. I felt like a dancer, breezy leaves played a song. I could sit here forever and relax all night long.

The blue sky soon twinkled as darkness approached. Remembering the duties, I had waiting at home. Stood up as to leave but just as I dared, I smelled something pretty was gracing the air.

I walked a few steps as it met my stare, fields of all purple stood up everywhere. There scent was so pleasant, it brought me a lesson. Know you are fine and remain in the present.

– Mytika

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