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Do the seven rays affect how people react in different situations?

Rays serve as guides in people’s lives and are what cause different reactions.

There’s probably someone you know who acts different depending on who they’re around. This is pretty common and usually occurs when a person instinctively chooses to show different sides of themselves to the people they interact with. Subconsciously, one of the seven colored rays is guiding them.

For example, one night Sarah is walking home from a date. She has 10 blocks left to go but feels like she’s being followed. She looks behind her and sees someone walking at her same pace. Depending on the ray that’s guiding her, there are different ways that she could react.

Purple Ray – Sarah stops and confronts the person walking behind her. Even if the person clarifies that they were just walking, Sarah would still believe that she was being followed.

Blue Ray – Sarah stops and nervously tries to reason with the person following her. Strategically, she’s hoping to get them to empathize with her so they won’t hurt her..

Green Ray – Sarah stops and attempts to get a vibe by feeling out the situation. Depending on the vibe she gets, she reacts accordingly.

Yellow Ray – Sarah stops and attempts to connect in a friendly way with the person following her.

Orange Ray – Sarah stops and negotiates with the person following her. She tries to offer them something in exchange for her safety.

Pink Ray – Sarah stops for a moment. She’s unsure of what to do so she ends up running away and trying to find help.

Red Ray – Sarah stops and defends herself by attacking the person first.

In every situation, stopping provides the time necessary for her to reflect and evaluate which ray is needed. This is also known as soul searching (connecting with True Self).

The illustration below shows possible character portrayals depending on which ray is used to handle a situation.

Seven different ways to be.
Each a distinct part of me.

All unique as I will show.
Dominant one always knows.

One is mainly insecure
with a need to be assured.

Passion is hardly a crime
but becomes angry at times.

Work is a priority
must behave responsibly.

Enthusiasm is a friend
motivating to no end.

Entertaining is my vibe
one with nature, thrives outside.

Love has filled me up inside
lighting all with no divide

– Mytika

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