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How do rays interact with one other?

Rays interact with each other like competitive siblings that are playing a game. They all come from the same Source but have different things that make them happy.

At times, they can be extremely competitive as they impose their happiness on each other. They don’t realize that they can bring misery instead because happiness to one can be misery to another.

For example, Adalee is a 28 year old singer who has a green core ray. She loves performing at small venues. When she sings, she feels the music and adjusts her voice to express the emotions that she feels. One day, after she gets off stage, she’s approached by Palmer who is a music industry producer with an orange core ray. Palmer explains to Adalee that she has real talent and all she needs is to adjust the types of song that she sings to match what the majority want to hear. Adalee decides to give it a try and lets Palmer dictate her song choices. As promised, she does start getting more attention and becomes more known in the music scene. A year passes and Palmer offers her a recording contract. Before signing, Adalee takes a weekend break to reflects on her life. She realizes that she’s not as happy as she used to be despite her success. She’s grateful that she’s making money doing what she loves but she feels that she has lost some of her emotional connection with the music while singing. For some people, it could be a desire for popularity them that makes them want to be on stage but for Adalee it’s always been a very personal experience between her and the music. Adalee decides not to sign the contract unless she’s allowed to make the type of music that appeals to her.

Rays unknowingly take on the role of a teacher that is delivering lessons. These lessons serve a larger purpose of helping each other recognize and accept their own core.

Most of these lessons come in the form of temptations, problems, and distractions but they bring with them knowledge and acceptance.

We interact with different rays everyday. By now most of us are a mixture of these rays, led by a predominant core ray. The fact that we can identify with other rays, makes it easier to understand one another.

– Mytika

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