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How do the different rays affect personality?

Rays are what give people their feelings and shift their personality accordingly.

Different rays play a part in developing a personality for the character. The core ray is the driving force behind True Self. As people interact with one another, they subconsciously pickup each other’s habits. This causes an energy exchange between different rays. 

When different rays are combined within one being, the result can be unbalanced and often unpleasant. This combination changes their personality making them more distracted and confused.

Rays influence each other and at times, are stronger than the core ray that they are encountering. This makes it possible to hinder someone’s path.

In the illustration, (1) represents a person with a blue core ray.

In (2) the blue core ray person is affected by someone with a red core ray. In this example, the red energy is stronger than the blue energy. This results is a purple essence created by the combination of both blue and red energy. The outcome of this interaction is that the person will portray themselves as a purple despite their core being blue.

In (3) the same person is now exchanging energy with someone of a pink core ray. The result of this would present another essence, in this case dark pink.

If two people have not seen each other in a while, they may find each other completely different after reconnecting years later. Though their cores are the same, people change by being subconsciously influenced by other people. This results in people with many different combinations of rays presenting different personality traits.

Chances are that your closest friends and family members are of a different ray. We could learn various ways of maneuvering ourselves through life by accepting and interacting with one another. Learning from our differences rather than allowing these differences to separate us will be beneficial to us all.

– Mytika

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