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What are the core traits of each ray?

Due to the perceived separation from Source, each of the rays are seen as having individual traits.

White – Positive
Black – Negative
Gray – Balance

Purple – Knowing
Blue – Determined
Green – Vibrational
Yellow – Love and Light
Orange – Motivated
Pink – Unsure
Red – Passionate

The illustration shows how the different rays originate form Source.

Purple – Knowing

The purple ray is all about knowing. This enables them to be strong at manifestation. They can have a hard time learning from other rays because they feel that their knowledge is superior. They are possessive by nature and usually feel rejected by the other rays. This is due to others being put off by the energy surge that the purples expel from their unwavering stances on issues. Many purples are lonely and frequently find true companionship with other purples. 

Blue – Determined

Blues are very focused and can be seen as hard working. They tend to admire others and are often hard on themselves. This pushes them to prove their strength through obtaining great jobs, great social networks, and decent bank accounts. The blue ray does not tend to be too ambitious and tends to settle due to not examining further possibilities.

Green – Vibration

The green ray enjoys anything with vibrations and it shows in their love of music and nature. They are even able to feel the slightest vibration shifts within the planet. Green is a nature-based ray that has great intuition. This enables them to be able to predict things that are about to happen. Due to their ability to affect others through vibration, greens have a strong temptation to take on orange ray energy. The orange energy can make them celebrities but puts greens at a high risk of engaging in materialistic behavior. This often interferes with their goals and reduces their ability to sense. This can lead them away from their true happiness.

Yellow – Love and Light

The yellow ray embodies union, purity and truth. This ray recognizes that all rays are driven by love and light. Yellows accept both light and dark and aim to balance the energies. They are defenders of truth and are therefore strong proponents of accountability. The unconditional love given by the yellow ray allows other rays to fully accept themselves. This leads the rays to precisely balance and reconnect with Source.

Orange – Motivated  

The orange ray is very cheerful and usually is seen with a smile. They are natural born teachers that do not necessarily need to believe in what they teach. They motivate by challenging other rays to stay true to their core during times of physical temptations (money, power, fame, etc…). The orange is especially enthusiastic over status and social networking. They love having followers.

Pink – Unsure  

Most pinks have young personalities and are reminiscent of cherubs. They tend to portray themselves as victims that are often confused and need help. This is usually a subconscious act. When other rays run into a pink, their savior complex is triggered and they feel the need to protect and take care of them. This plays right into the pink’s strategy and allows pinks to live an easier life. They are not great liars though, and their true intentions can be pretty transparent to other rays.  

Red – Passionate  

Red can be seen as a warrior-based ray. Driven by all consuming passion, they have no physical limitations when it comes to their pleasure. The red ray often has an addictive personality and is drawn to the physical parts of life. They can easily go extreme with these material things. They are very strong-willed so little can stop them from pushing through other rays if it benefits them.

While mixing many paints
I relax my full mind
Life is my blank canvas
a vision I will find

Determined with great passion
gives a knowing deep and true
Purple formed by merging
blue with reddish hues

Adding white to a bright red
forms a pink that I could use
My passion now has weakened

leaving me to feel confused

Use more red to make it stronger
add some yellow and soon find
Happy orange getting closer
leaving meekness way behind

I then play with natural green
get a sense of its vibration

Which creates a magic land
that can serve as a foundation

Grab the black along with white
Gray is born to my delight

As a balance now is spread
with bright lights shinning ahead


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