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How can knowing energy become extreme?

A knowing person is typically well-read and is secure in their knowledge. They have an appetite for gaining intelligence and some will even get multiple college degrees purely for the love of learning. They tend to be good at manifestation because they do not tend to sway between possibilities, as they are solid with what they know. Often, you will see them take jobs that involve sharing their proficiency with others, such as being a professor.

Being knowing is a balanced purple ray of light energy. As light fades into dark, it becomes extreme and in this case becomes pride at one extreme and ignorance on the other.

Prideful people demand respect. They feel that their knowledge makes them superior to those around them, which tends to make them arrogant. Many become know-it-alls who would rather stray from the truth than admit lacking expertise.

In the lighter extremes, they can be a person who tells their friend that they have their facts wrong. When their friend shows them the proof, they will still not admit that their friend was right. Usually, they have a hard time letting these types of interactions go and may even bring it up 5 years later just to prove they were right, despite it having already been proven incorrect. They can also be the type of person who always takes on the stance of “I already knew that” regardless of whether they really did. They have a hard time admitting that they do not know everything.

In the darker extremes, it can be the person who, when faced with a cheating spouse, would rather see them dead than let others believe that they were not enough for their spouse. Pride prevents them from being able to handle the idea of anybody laughing at them. They tend to demean people to make themselves appear more knowledgeable. They can also take unnecessary risks such as driving drunk because they feel that they never lose their capabilities.

Ignorant people don’t bother knowing basic things. They rarely know themselves. They are insecure people who will not admit it, though it underlines almost all of them. Someone can present them with facts and they still will not accept the information as a possibility. They simply refuse to learn.

In the lighter extremes, they can be the person who is lost while driving and will still drive by multiple gas stations without stopping to ask for directions. They can’t show that they don’t know something and will put their efforts into preserving their ignorance.

In the darker extremes, they usually embrace apathy. One example is a racist. People can try to convince them they are wrong but they will not listen to reason. The difference between the lighter extremes and the darker extremes is that in the lighter extremes, their ignorance is mostly affecting themselves. In the darker extremes, they act out against others.

Holding your tiny hand
helps me to understand,
there is no need to fight
there is no wrong or right.

Your life is a new chance,
we must aim to advance,
makes me open to learn
from mistakes I once earned.

Filled with knowledge inside,
I will not let you hide.
You must always leave room
as new lessons improve.

– Mytika


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