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How can passionate energy become extreme?

A passionate person disturbs the peace but they do it in a way that is balanced. As such, it feels good because it is a drive that needs to be expressed. The feeling is very much like a horse galloping with a wave of exhilaration.

Being passionate is a balanced red ray of light energy. As light fades into dark, it becomes extreme and in this case becomes obsessive at one extreme and wrathful on the other.

Obsessive people have a hard time stopping when something feels good to them. It is an extreme form of disturbing the peace where the person likes something so much, that they lose the ability to stop or control themselves.

In the lighter extremes, they can be the person who punishes themself for doing something inappropriate. The obsessive part causes them to inflict hurt on themselves over and over again.

In the darker extremes, obsessive people can become stalkers. The obsession causes them to not be able to focus on anything other than the person they are stalking. Some will even completely neglect their own lives because their attention is completely on the life of another. Many feel that they are in a relationship with the person they are stalking and view their actions as being directed towards them, even if the person does not know the stalker exists.

Wrathful people tend to exhibit violent tendencies. Violence involves taking an extra step in order to disturb the peace. For many wrathful people, the energy of peace gets under their skin and they simply do not like it. They can be very calculating and will often introduce conversations that they know will lead to an argument further into the conversation. This is usually accompanied with the ability to twist words around in order to begin a confrontation. Wrathful people have anger inside because they were hurt and feel lonely in that feeling. This makes them want to lash out violently so others can accompany them in the feeling of hurt.

In the lighter extremes, they can be an authority figure who condemns someone for, what they consider to be, inappropriate actions. They may even punish them while claiming that they are being righteous.

In the darker extremes, it can be someone who is violent and enjoys seeing genuine hurt and fear in their victim’s eyes. Often violence is a built up extreme energy that is seeking a release. Some choose to force this energy on others and the victim ends up with the energy afterwards, while the perpetrator momentarily feels gratified or relieved.

Spicy like a
chili pepper,
controlling my
stormy temper

Even after
taking breaths,
my mood will not
stop at unrest

Flowing with a
larger passion,
always seeking
greater action

Standing still
is not an option,
never seeing
signs of caution

Simply Knowing
this is my way,
crimson rose with
thorns that stray.

– Mytika

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