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How does energy balance affect money?

Energy balance exists between all types of energy. This includes the connection between people and money. People often make comments about how the “rich get richer” and the “poor get poorer”. This is often the case and energy balance is the key to understanding why this occurs.

If a person is chasing after money, the energy of money feels overwhelmed and tries to flee from, what it perceives to be, a desperate person.

If a person already has money, their mind and attention may be elsewhere. As such, the energy of money may feel neglected and head towards the person.

Some people may be reading this and thinking that they should neglect giving attention to money so that they can get more of it. This is a strategy that works but it’s important to note that you cannot fool the spiritual. You have to actually feel this way in order for the energy connection to shift and cause this strategy to work. It also has potential consequences as eventually people who have a lot of money may feel that it is a large pressure / burden on their lives. Problems do not go away with money, they just appear in different forms.

If a person is balanced, then their finances will be balanced as well. Both the person and the money will maintain their connection in a way that promotes stability.

Letting go of extreme energy towards money can be very difficult. Some people will find that their Ego causes unexpected bills to show up while working on this issue. The tactic is to make you feel desperate for money which makes it much harder to achieve balance. Stay calm, breathe, and try to remember that you have been worried about money for a large part of your life. Somehow, you have made it through. If you knew that you would make it to today, would you have been stressing all those years. You are loved and your needs will be met. They always have been and they always will be.

With money, no matter where you are in life, you consider it your average. This means that if you have $100 in your bank account, that is your average and you fear having $0 while striving for $1,000. If you have $10 million in your bank account, that is your average. You may strive for $100 million and fear having less than $1 million. As you gain or lose wealth, your medium level changes but your stress may not subside until you learn to balance. Stress is an energy that you put out into the universe and leaves the universe with little choice but to provide you with a physical explanation for your stress (financial lack). Change the way you feel and your physical world will change two steps later.

Living his life like a dream
waiting for his day of luck
Searching the garbage for food
working the streets for a buck

His face with a permanent tear in his eye
His smile is unsure
filled with hope and pride

Tired of living
a life full of torture
holds on to his talent
and soon finds exposure

A future so wealthy
it gives him a ride
it changes his walk
he now learns to stride
with fame and with fortune
held close to his side
his confidence risen
no reason to hide

He fights to accept
what he has in him
a void and unrest
that keeps his heart dim

A lesson he gathered
was obviously shown
as money is useful
but not for his throne

– Mytika

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