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Ego and The Physical

What is Ego?

Ego is the teacher of lessons in the physical realm. When a question is asked, Ego forms a response in the physical as a way to provide an answer through experiences.

For example, Marcus is physically fit but he looks at an overweight person at a restaurant and sees them as weak for making bad dietary choices. He just doesn’t understand why they would make such stupid decisions. His Ego sees a question that needs a lesson in order to provide an answer. As such, it may cause him to go through situations that will put him in a drastic weight increase such as thyroid disease, depression, or even lack of motivation, etc… By doing this, his Ego found a creative way for Marcus to gain understanding. It could also choose to do this through someone he loves, such as his child, so that he can empathize and learn that way.

Ego also protects your True Self by assisting in forming your character. Your character helps hide the things that you’re truly sensitive about so that others don’t know your weaknesses. This way, if someone insults your character, it may not have as strong of an impact as if they insult your True Self.

For example, Cheryl has a mother who would make passive aggressive comments about her looks while she was growing up. This makes her feel very sensitive about her own worth which she ties to her beauty. Her Ego attempts to protect her by making her character someone who is overly confident. She routinely drops comments in her conversations with others that emphasize how beautiful she is. When people are faced with her, they rarely say anything that’s not flattering and her true sensitivities remain protected. In fact, people would probably say that she has a big Ego.

Occasionally, your Ego can expose your True Self in order teach lessons through reflections.

For example, when ending a relationship, people may notice constant songs related to breakups. As frustrating as this may be, these type of songs, sent by your Ego, will not cease until you are fully comfortable with your new relationship status. The same may apply with television shows, movies, books, conversations, etc… Unfortunately, distractions often prevent people from realizing that the purpose of these reflections are lessons to ensure that you face and repair your problems.

In order to exist in the physical, some degree of Ego is necessary in everyone. Ego is often seen as negative and its role of lesson provider is a very thankless one. People rarely appreciate the lessons that they get or the impact of those lessons to their overall growth.

My arrogance is not unseen

I speak to you, you learn from me

A part of you, you do not see

A presence that makes lions flee

Controlling you, my favorite game

Giving lessons for your gain

As an opponent or a guide

taking steep steps while you decide

– Mytika

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