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Is Earth Heaven or Hell?

On Earth there are three forms of both Heaven and Hell. They each have different individual requirements. In general, Hell requires a guilt-induced payment for any happiness that you receive. Meanwhile, heaven requires you to have enough self-worth to absorb happiness without any guilt.

Here are the different types of hell:

Physical Hell
This encompasses all that the physical has to provide. It gives you the ability to acquire any physical want. In return, your feelings are non-existent and your life is lived in a state of numbness. You will never experience full enjoyment here since feelings are only allowed during times of need.  

Spiritual Hell
All of your feelings are allowed to be savored. In return, your physical needs and wants are not fulfilled. This creates a distracting need for you to pursue unachievable goals. You never get to fully enjoy life because you are too busy chasing goals.

Free Will Hell
This is a distraction-based place. It is where you are given options, through free will, to choose between any Heaven or Hell. Everyday distractions prevent you from seeing these options. At times, you may feel forced to live in your own personal Hell due to the inability to see other possibilities. If you find yourself in this place, you’ll feel that happiness must be paid for.

Here are the different types of heaven:

Physical Heaven
Here you have the ability to achieve any physical desire, without the need to sacrifice or lament in the process.

Spiritual Heaven
This is a constant state of mental and emotional bliss. It is feeling-based and you would experience it as endless fulfillment without distractions.

Free Will Heaven
Here you have the choice of being in any state that leads to happiness.  Through frequent exposure to the different Heaven and Hells described above, you are given all the options to choose from. The option that you select will vary based on the type of happiness that your desire at any given point.

I walk on earth
with what I own
my broken soul
draped in a cloak
I look ahead
no ONE out there
self made despair
form goals of smoke
I hold my heart
within me hands
ask for a taste
heaven evokes
I suddenly
uplift my stance
send thanks above
sadness revoked
I find in me
strength deep inside
to stand erect
never to choke

– Mytika

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