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What do people inherit from their parents?

People can inherit traits and physical features from their ancestors. They assign themselves mannerisms and habits based on others who impact them. People subconsciously notice and take on behaviors from their parents, as well as others. The common choice of basing this on parents is understandable as caregivers are normally one of the largest influences in a person’s life while growing up.

Children are known to admire their parents so they take on mannerisms from them. They could take on these features from anyone else though such as relatives, friends, teachers, celebrities, etc… Some people dislike how someone looks, or does something, and so they judge it. This judgment can lead them to take on the same physical mannerisms to learn the lesson of acceptance.

One mistake that some people make is that they try to mimic someone else. By not realizing that they are their own person, they can easily end up having animosity towards the one they admire. This happens when this new behavior does not come to them naturally. The person, they are trying to be like, is the way that they are because they are who they are. Everyone has a core ray that is their driving force and guide towards their individual happiness. This core ray can coincide with their parent’s core ray but is usually different. People need to be themselves. They need to find the best self that they can be and become that. They can then excel in a way that is natural to them. Trying to exactly replicate a parent, or any other person, is limiting their own potential.

I look at you
and all I see,
an image of
a younger me.

The way you move
and flick your hair,
when proving that
you do not care.

Your eyebrows rise
when in deep thought.
I do the same
while being taught.

or picked up ways,
your own core ray

is made with grace.

– Mytika


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