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Ego and The Physical

Why are politics making me so angry?

First, ask yourself if this is something that you can control or something that you cannot control.

Most people cannot control it. They can do their part by voting or they can use their words and march and protest. But you cannot do more than what you can do, so let it go. You have your opinion and you want it to manifest? Throw it out there, forget about it and do what you are going to do. Let it go. The more you fear it, the more likely you are subconsciously manifesting your fears to become your physical reality.

If you can control it, perhaps you are a politician, then realize what about it is making you so angry. Are you afraid that the party you are going for is going to lose? Do you feel that if somebody else wins, your life is going to be negatively affected? Look at the worst case scenario. Let’s say the political candidate that you do not want to win ends up winning. See how this candidate could affect your life and try to pregame it so you could have a solution for your worst case scenario because it is coming from a place of fear.

Just know that in four years you are going to go through this all over again. If you work on yourself now, you will already know how to not pay so much attention to it. You will be better prepared for it.

Every possibility happens in different dimensions. Your feelings determine which dimension you will experience and perceive to be reality.

Is it out of our hands?
Where do we stand?

Hearing such high demands,
that have nowhere to land.

Solid ground is now sand,
difficult to understand.

Unity has been canned,
truth has also been banned.

With statements so grand,
yet results are unplanned.

As big leaders disband,
our confusion expands.

Do our part as we band,
our results have been planned

– Mytika


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  • Politics come and go anyway, as here in America—we go from left to right to left, etc.
    I’ve learned to not get so caught up in them, because the presidency changes every 4-8 years anyway for the most part.
    There’s other things in life besides politics.
    I wish more understood this.

    • I agree with you. At the end of the day, 50% feel one way and 50% feel another. People get wrapped up in the world but it’s just where they are at the moment. If I was them, I’d do the same thing but I’m me and I know that whoever wins is for a larger purpose. Sometimes, someone we don’t like wins so that negative things can surface and then eventually be surgically removed.

  • agree, politics is noise that disrupts peoples flow, sure vote, but don’t stop working on what you wish to create in your life,as they say ‘you have this one life, so use it appropriately’…

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