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Ego and The Physical

Why does time feel like it’s passing quicker?

Have you noticed that an entire day is currently passing around three times faster than it was before? Does three hours on the clock feel like only an hour has passed? Time is passing quicker by the moment.

In a place of oneness, there’s no need for time or space because that requires duality to even be relevant. When oneness was split into a physical realm and a spiritual realm, time and space became important factors in the physical realm as a way to quantify distance between two points in space.

The further the physical grew in creation, the longer the days became. Soon the 24 hour cycle was established by humans to coincide with the movement of the Sun. The cycle ensured that 2/3 of the time was spent in the physical (16 hours) and 1/3 of the time was spent connecting with the spiritual through sleep (8 hours). If it were not for sleep, some people would lose themselves completely to their physical existence since the spiritual is just a concept to many (due to it being invisible).

A large amount of spiritual seekers have and will continue to be awakened on earth until balance (50% physical / 50% spiritual) is restored. This gradual, but precise, process leads to completion and one of the impacts is that time shortens with it. After all, the closer we are to oneness, the less space between us all.

Raindrops can take two minutes to land
touching the ground,

while misting the sand

In forty five minutes a snow flake descends
a moment so cold,

existence soon ends

Fermented wine could complete in three weeks
dancing with time,

as it ages it peaks

In twenty one days new habits can form
strolling along
it is you that transforms.

– Mytika

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