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How do we attract Extreme Ego?

Extreme Ego is attracted to negative feelings. It is particularly attracted to fear and thrives when the person is not connected to their True Self.

When Ego experiences self-doubt or insecurities, it becomes unbalanced. This leaves room for Extreme Ego to move in and dominate. It typically starts by creating blocks that isolate the person in an effort to stop love from spreading. Ego induces pride while Extreme Ego induces fear.

In the illustration below, the bottom triangle shows how energies can traverse from Ego emotions (starting from Rejection) to those of Extreme Ego (Hate). The different shades of gray symbolize the steps and challenges that Extreme Ego faces in order to return to a point of balance.

Extreme Ego feeds on fear. I fear what I can’t control. As difficult as this has been to master, I now know that I can control my thoughts. By bringing positive thoughts into my mind and imagining positive outcomes, I am not only feeding my soul and True Self. I am leading Extreme Ego into starvation.

– Mytika

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