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What is Extreme Ego?

Extreme Ego is Ego’s negative aspects taken to an extreme. As such, it can be very powerful in its ability to spread negativity.

Ego and Extreme Ego are often wrongly described as if they were the same. Though they do evolve from one another, anything extreme is unnatural and has the ability to considerably affect the vibration of those it touches in a negative way.

For instance, if you are accused of being sneaky, your Ego might dislike the person confronting you. If Extreme Ego is involved, you could feel a strong hate towards them. At times, you may even feel your body trembling to contain its response.

Simmering blood be calm

The heat fills my ears
awakening fears

Boiling blood be calm

As temperatures rise
my pressure runs high

Blistering blood be calm

Dried build up of fists
initiates fits

Scorching blood be calm

Set fire to ash
a pointless back lash

– Mytika

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