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How can serene energy become extreme?

A serene person knows how to “go with the flow”. They are in tune with energy vibration and do what feels natural to them. Serene people love to expel built up excess energy and find different ways to do that. It is common to see them engage in activities such as meditation, yoga, dancing, martial arts, hiking, and listening to music. As for their diet, they thrive on eating meals that make them feel good after they are done eating. They tend to obtain what they want (jobs, relationships, experiences) pretty easily because of their willingness to follow the guiding vibrations coming from their True Self.

Being serene is a balanced green ray of light energy. As light fades into dark, it becomes extreme and in this case becomes stressed at one extreme and slothful on the other.

Stressed people feel the most tension when they have responsibilities. Their nature is to “go with the flow” so anything that takes them out of that vibration, such as responsibilities or obligations, cause their energy to become erratic.

In the lighter extremes, they can relieve their stress by putting it on someone else. Since they work with energy, they are good at throwing that unwanted energy on others. One tactic they use is to intentionally make situations uncomfortable for others. This causes their own stress to leave and attach itself to the other person who is now a prime host.

In the darker extremes, they can easily turn to drugs as a method of coping with their stress. The reason for this is that they would do anything in order to relax because they feel so out of their natural vibration. It is common for them to become obsessive with overcoming obstacles in hopes of achieving relaxation. They also tend to empathize a lot which can get them in trouble. Empathizing has the potential to move energy, including stress, from others onto themselves unless the person knows how to properly clear any negative incoming energy.

Slothful people have an extremely low vibration and have a hard time raising it to a neutral balanced state. As such, they become dependent on others to make them feel better or handle their responsibilities for them.

In the lighter extremes, they can be the person who has a very low self-esteem. They have a hard time accomplishing anything because they feel that it is impossible for them. They tend to feel sorry for themselves because of everything that has happened to them over the course of their life. Many take on the stance of being anti-organization and anti-responsibility.

In the darker extremes, they can be the person who is like a sponge. They may ask to stay in a person’s house for one day and then end up still living on the couch a month later while eating all the food in the house with a seemingly endless appetite. In this capacity, they can be found playing video games with the children in the house while the adults are cleaning and cooking around them. They have no limit and will take as much energy as the people around are willing to give them.

I gravitate,
to shades of green.
It calms me down,
feels so serene.

Like trees that grow,
and leaves that blow,
effortless flow,
makes my soul glow.

Love nature walks,
inhaling beauty,
but run away
from calls of duty.

Move like the wind
or passing breeze,
self melodies
create my ease.

– Mytika


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