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What are extremes?

Extremes can be defined as condensed unbalanced energy.

This happens when balanced energy receives excess energy which causes it to become unbalanced. The excess energy unites with other types of excess energy and compresses. As a result, the energy is condensed which creates extreme energy.

When dealing with this type of energy, you become unbalanced. The outcome is that you can find yourself exhibiting uncharacteristic and erratic behavior.

For example, Sandra is a 5th grade teacher who is adored by her class. On the way to school, she sees a young woman crying by the roadside. Compassionate, Sandra stops and asks the woman what’s wrong. The woman goes into details about the abuse that she’s faced at home including a fight where she just got a black eye. Sandra is horrified but attempts to listen and comfort her. The woman seems to be getting better. Unaware, Sandra’s own energy is getting heavier and heavier as she empathizes with the woman. Eventually, Sandra continues to school but feels like she’s on the edge. As she enters the classroom, one of her students accidentally drops his book off his desk. The loud sound startles Sandra and she turns to him and starts screaming viciously. The class stares at her in horror and Sandra is guilt-ridden but can’t understand why she had such an extreme outburst. Extreme energy is dangerous and can move really fast between people as they attempt to subconsciously get rid of it.

A stranger emerges
and anxiously stares
with wavering stab wounds
dispatched in a glare

Afraid of their presence
I swallow and hope
that I could walk down

this thin trembling rope

I look at the stranger
gaze straight in their eye
then notice the mirror
their glare is now mine

– Mytika

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