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How can confident energy become extreme?

A confident person is secure in their ability to do something. They do not feel the need to prove it to themselves or others because they already know their own capabilities. Their energy can inspire others and bring them a feeling of comfort. Insecurity comes from someone feeling that they cannot do something. This makes them feel inferior.

Being confident is a balanced pink ray of light energy. As light fades into dark, it becomes extreme and in this case becomes arrogance at one extreme and envy on the other.

Arrogance stems from insecurity and a lack of confidence. Some people have a superhero complex which turns into arrogance when matched with insecurity. They have an overwhelming need to prove their worth to the world. As such, they go out of their way to talk about how amazing they are. It’s a facade.

In the lighter extremes, they can be an authority figure who always needs to wear fine, perfectly ironed clothing and does not want anyone to touch them. They may act superior to others because they want to portray dominance.

In the darker extremes, they can be the person who berates their employees. They want everyone to know that they are better than those they employ. The fact that everyone and everything is a fragment of the same creator goes conveniently unseen by them.

Envious people lack confidence and therefore look at others as fortunate while feeling that they themselves are incapable of doing the same. They tend to believe that they could not obtain something because someone else already has it. This makes them secretly want to take that thing away from the other person. Ironically, all they need to realize is that they can do something similar and obtain similar if they stop putting out the “why do they get everything and I get nothing” energy into the universe, which then manifests into their reality.

In the lighter extremes, they can be the spiritual seeker who is envious of the way someone can attempt to meditate and starts receiving messages right away. They may feel upset that they have worked hard at it while someone else just got a strong spiritual connection easily.

In the darker extremes, they can be the person who attends a birthday party and gets envious of the honoree. They may look at them and think, “nobody does this for me! I want to ruin her birthday!” They may then start arguments or go out of their way to turn the energy from fun to gloomy. They may choose to spread hurtful rumors or gossip about the person to “bring them down a notch”.

The color pink
seems insecure,
when embarrassed
blushing occurs.

Full confidence
feels pretty good,
a firm handshake
solid as wood.

Shown arrogance
is quite extreme,
can seem unsure
more like a scheme.

Just try your best
to feel secure,
being yourself
you will allure.

– Mytika

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