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Feelings, Keys and Manifestation

How does manifestation occur?

Manifestation can happen either consciously or subconsciously.

Conscious manifestation requires three steps:

1. Establish and visualize a desire.

2. Be certain that it will happen.

3. Stop thinking about it so that fears and insecurities don’t invade.

Subconscious manifestations do not require steps. They occur constantly and define what you will experience next. Whatever you subconsciously expect to happen will happen.

This type of manifestation is especially strong when the person is feeling strong emotions such as doubt, fear or uncertainty.

For example, Hudson needs money so he decides to steal a car. While driving away, he nervously keeps checking the rear-view mirror to see if anyone noticed. Hudson is unaware that he’s feeling guilty for stealing. His guilt brings on a fear of crashing and getting caught. The fear he feels, sends energy to the universe which then subconsciously manifests a truck cutting him off. Hudson crashes the stolen car into back of the truck. A few minutes later, as the police take him away, Hudson has a familiar thought of “I knew this would happen!”

The universe materializes manifestations. Through frequencies, it reads any energy that is being directed towards it. It does not distinguish if the feeling is a positive one or a negative one. To the universe, the energy of fear has the same frequency as the energy of being overjoyed.

Patience is so necessary when attempting to consciously manifest. This is very difficult for control freaks, like me, who thrive on having instant results. When I am one hundred percent sure that something I wish for is going to happen, I can easily let go of my control over it. Doubt is what makes me hold on and this is what usually prolongs my manifestation. I try my best to attempt conscious manifestations when I am in an emotionally good place. This is when I am feeling confident with myself and feel worthy of receiving. Feeling this way helps me know that my wishes are already being granted and allows me to release my need for control.

– Mytika

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