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How long does it take for a manifestation to occur?

It may not feel as if your answers to prayers or manifestations occur rapidly but they are all established within a millisecond. It takes a millisecond for your feelings to be felt. The time it takes for a manifestation to materialize depends on how long it takes you to realize that you are worthy of receiving it.

After the initial manifestation spark, it begins to enter physical existence. At this point, the physical may prolong the materialization since it contains space which elongates the spark. While this is occurring, it’s important to be unwavering on what you want while feeling worthy of receiving it.

For example, Harry decides that he wants to manifest having, what he considers to be, a great body. He closes his eyes and tries to visually imagine how he wants to look. He then tries to get in touch with how he will feel having that body. In that moment the manifestation spark occurs. Harry is not aware that he carries guilt over his eating habits. This subconsciously makes him feel unworthy and blocks the manifestation from materializing. Harry decides to adjust his diet to eat without guilt. Amazingly, he sees quick results as his body starts to transform week by week. With the diet change, Harry is slowly starting to feel more and more worthy of his manifestation. This allows it to materialize at the same rate. It could have materialized on the same day it was manifested but it often takes time and action for people to convince themselves that they are worthy.

Manifestations are attracted to those who are confident in knowing that the manifestation will occur while not obsessing over it.

A moment away
A new way of life
for you today

A breath away
A brand new start
to your dismay

A blink away
A miracle appears
to always stay

– Mytika

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