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Feelings, Keys and Manifestation

How do people affect one another when it comes to manifestation?

People that have a deep connection with each other can boost or block manifestations for each other.

Manifestations can be boosted when both people want the same outcome to occur.

For example, Leal gets a phone call informing her that there’s an internship available and she’s being considered for it. Excited, Leal calls her best friend Zahara to tell her the news. Zahara knows how much her friend wants it, so the both of them manifest it by talking to each other about the internship like Leal has already gotten it. A few days later, Leal gets the internship.

Manifestations can be blocked if one person, consciously or subconsciously, feels that the outcome is not in the best interest of the other person. If a true connection has not occurred, people can easily be unaware of the other person’s true happiness. This can lead them to inadvertently cause despair for the other.

For example, when Leal finds out about possibly getting the internship, she decides to tell her neighbor Maya. Maya listens to Leal but feels that Leal would be better off graduating from college before losing her focus at an internship. Maya’s energy is focused on blocking the internship for Leal.

The manifestation can also be blocked if one person feels that the outcome for the other is not in their own best interest.

For example, after getting off the phone excited, Leal can’t wait to share the good news with her boyfriend Zane. Zane smiles when he hears the news but inside he’s worried that Leal will meet someone else and leave him. Zane’s energy is focused on blocking Leal from getting her internship.

It is very important to be aware of different forms of happiness when sharing manifestations.

“Never discuss your goals until they have been reached.” Till this day I hear the memories of my father’s wise advise. Whenever he said this to me I felt that he was paranoid or hurt by someone he once trusted. I hadn’t yet understood that it doesn’t necessarily indicate that everyone is trying to get in between you and your achievements, but your goals can still be blocked unintentionally. Now as an adult, I can completely understand what he meant, especially when I am offering this advice to someone I love.

– Mytika

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