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How do I make an effective vision board?

When it comes to achieving your goals, one of the hardest parts is holding onto what you want while avoiding distractions. This is where a vision board can help you because it defines your goals while acting as a reminder that can keep you focused.

How do I create a vision board?

Step 1
Have the proper mindset. You have to realize that a vision board works because it is a magnet for your intentions.

Step 2
Think about different aspects of your life that you feel would bring you joy. Try to do it by emotion from the start, since feelings always come before physical creation. Be sure to properly think about the emotions that you want to experience in the future. A balanced life includes enjoying the best aspect of every ray of light. Here are a few examples:

Love (Yellow Ray) – The feeling is what’s important here and not so much the form your partner comes in. Beauty is nice but it does not always equal joy.

Health / Abundance (Green Ray) – The healthy feeling is often left out of vision boards but what’s the point of anything if you are not healthy enough to enjoy it? Abundance, is often seen on vision boards.

Knowing (Purple Ray) – The feeling of knowing can be very powerful for manifestations and clears confusion.

Motivation (Orange Ray) – Life is full of opportunities to enjoy it especially for those who are motivated to try it.

Passion (Red Ray) – There’s an energy to passion that brings bursts of excitement.

Determination (Blue Ray) – It may be nice to have determination towards achieving your goals.

Security (Pink Ray) – Insecurity often stops people from experiencing true joy so being secure in yourself can enhance your life.

Step 3
Find pictures that represent the emotions you have decided on. You can use as many pictures as you would like for each emotion. If you have the time and some photo editing skills, it helps to edit your face into the pictures that you have selected.

Step 4
Gather your materials including the board and printouts of your pictures. Some people like using a poster board for their vision board. A good option is a magnetic board because you can easily move pictures around and the magnetic properties can help draw your intentions towards you. You will need a glue stick if you plan to put them directly on the board. If you go with the magnet board, consider using magnetic picture holders. They are easy to move around and swap pictures if needed.

Below are examples of a magentic board and magnetic picture frames that you can find on Amazon but make sure to get the size and quantity that you need.


Step 5
Place the pictures on the board. Depending on the number of emotions you decide to place on your vision board, you can break the vision board into quadrants where you can place your pictures by emotion. If you prefer, you can place your pictures in an order that tells a story of how your life will go.

Step 6
Hang the board in a place where you can see it but try to avoid locations where others can see it. The less you share, the less the opinions of others can affect your vision.

Step 7
Don’t focus too much on your vision board or your Ego will come up with reasons why the things on the vision board will not happen. Glance at it now and then but don’t spend too much time staring at it daily.

Step 8
Avoid any thoughts that would derail what you want. When you want something, that energy is put out into the universe and then the physical manifestation starts coming towards you. As long as you are focused, and what you are asking for does not derail the predetermined story of your life, it will arrive. If the manifestation could harm your path then it will be blocked for your best good.

The pages are blank
the answers untold
with no looking back
my future I mold.

Imagine a life
with all that I want
no more tears or strife
my wisdom the font

– Mytika

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