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What is a dream?

A dream is a way for the conscious mind to liberate itself. It allows the conscious mind to free flow and live through different scenarios that are not possible for it to experience during physical life.

As a person goes through their day, different things that they experience enter their subconscious. While in a dream, the subconscious takes what it experienced during physical life and creates scenarios that it can explore without limitations. Just as a person uses the bathroom to clear their excess physical waste, people use dreams to clear their excess spiritual waste.

For example, Patricia was at work when she met a much older client during a conference call. Patricia had a quick thought where she wondered what it must be like to have sex with the client. The thought only lasted a millisecond but there is a chance that she will have a dream about having sex with her client. Patricia might have no interest in actually experiencing that during her normal physical life and may be embarrassed if she remembers her dream.

Almost anything can trigger the subconscious to clear itself in a dream. For some, it may be something that traumatized them. For others, it can be something as simple as a billboard that caught their eye. Rather than making it a reality, the emotional and mental excess is played out and thrown away into a place of no time and space. A recurring dream can be an indicator that the subconscious is tackling an issue that has yet to be resolved.

Sometimes, the subconscious uses dreams to show people a glimpse into future events. It does this so that their conscious mind can be prepared when the event actually happens.

While a person is dreaming, their soul is still in their body. Their spirit is what leaves and experiences the dreams. Ghost sightings are the result of someone seeing another person’s spirit. That other person may be dead or simply be in the middle of a dream.

To close my eyes
as I unwind
brings forth a tale
once left behind.

Events are clear
while days are light
my escapades
visit at night.

A different life
with many clues
I have in dreams
both lives are true

– Mytika


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    • Hi Denise, thanks! Would you mind clarifying what you mean by Dream Weave? I want to make sure we are in sync before diving into this interesting topic.

      • Have you heard of the book Dancing the Dream: The Seven Sacred Paths of Human Transformation? By Jamie Sams, Native American author and more.
        She explains it well! Along with the detailed process of maneuvering all 7 paths.
        The “Dream Weave is the intangible web of life, which is compromised of threads of energy, thought, emotion, intent, ideas, and life force; the connective tissue that exists in our universe as the unseen energetic pathways, forming a web that is connected to all solid matter, all levels of awareness, and all animate and inanimate life forms.”
        Dream catchers are a physical symbolism of this invisible realm.
        You should check out Jamie’s book if you’ve never heard of it. Comes next in line after The Bible in significance in my life. Explains SO MUCH I experienced but no one in my life could ever explain. My innate connection to the Native Americans way of life.
        Namaste my friend! 🕊🦋

      • Hi Denise, I haven’t heard of that book but it sounds fascinating. I do believe that there are 7 paths and you can read about it in my article on the core traits of each ray. I am planning on expanding that topic to go into detail on each including what the lessons are for each. I also agree that there are invisible energy connections. I am so glad to hear that you’ve found something that resonates with you and has enabled you to become more open to the invisible world around you.

  • Cool concepts and ideas! Though, let’s all remember that we (humans) still have no idea what dreams are. Our best guess is (and I paraphrase), “Dreams are what we remember from the random firing of random neurons, as the brain cleans and reorganizes itself while we sleep”.

    I’m down with conjecture and fun metaphysical hypotheses, though… as long as it keeps us happy, let’s all keep dreaming!

    Fun article, and thanks for visiting my blog.

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