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How can I live in the present?

Living in the present can take some work to become a habit but the rewards may just surprise you.

The thing that prevents people from accomplishing this is focusing on what will be (the future) or what was (the past). They are afraid of the future because it is uncertain. People are hooked on the past because it is certain. It happened. When someone is stuck in either of these two thought patterns, they prevent themselves from being in the present.

To resolve the past, realize that everything that happened to you before this moment, did so for a positive reason. Some things may have been traumatic to go through but they had a bigger purpose in your development. If anyone looks into any aspect of their past, with enough analysis, they will always come to the conclusion that it was an essential part of their life story. Even Disney princesses go through tough experiences that strengthen them before they get to their happily ever after.

A good exercise would be to write down the story of your past but only mention something if you have discovered the positive reason why it occurred. For example, if you lost all your friends at some point you might say, “and then I was fortunate to have time to look inward and discover myself.” Changing your outlook on past events to a positive one is a strong manifestation technique because it changes your expectations for your future. It’s not lying to yourself but rather changing your perspective to a positive one that is also true.

To resolve fears tied to an uncertain future, realize that you are creating your reality and the story of your life was already decided before you agreed to see it from a first person perspective by playing the role of your character. As such, you would not agree to something negative unless it was for a lesson that brings a larger positive outcome.

At some point your future will become your present. Then it will become your past and you will be able to realize the benefit that it too had. Just like it always has before, it helps to remember that things will get cleared up and work themselves out. Everything and everyone in your story has a reason and purpose.

When you have a healthy relationship with your past, you will find you focus on it less. When you let go of fears of the future, you will focus on it less. When both occur simultaneously, you will be living in the present.

What it feels like to live in the moment:

  • You will notice that colors are more vibrant.
  • You will be amazed by the beauty of nature around you.
  • Foods will taste amazing and you will be aware of each ingredient.
  • The air feels really clear as invisible energy connections to the past and future no longer dominate your existence.
  • Your thoughts become less blurry as your mind stops wandering to stressful possibilities in the future or past trauma.
  • If you meditate, you will reach that state quickly. With some practice, you can be in a meditative state during your normal functioning life.
  • You will find yourself being less pessimistic.
  • You will start “going with the flow” so you will no longer be blocking (due to fears) all the good things trying to come your way.
  • You will meet more people that you like because you will not be expecting them to be negative.
  • You will have an easy time connecting with your True Self.
  • You will understand why you chose to play The Game.
  • and much more…

A breathless bird that could not sing,
now inhales deep and flaps her wings.

A bright scholar that aims to think,
becomes a stud obtaining winks.

A crimson rose facing the sky,
will wither soon and say good bye.

A space in time full of great tales,
enjoy it now… release the sail.

– Mytika


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