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How do I head towards my Heaven?

First and foremost, one must believe that there is a Heaven and realize that it is more than a concept. It is real. Many people have a hard time believing in it because they rarely see other people living in a heavenly state. When you look around, how many people do you know who are truly happy and content?

Those who are here to spread light are not all placed in the same location. They are spread out so that they can spread light in different clusters of darkness. Their purpose is not to be with like-minded friends. If that was the case, all lightworkers would be clumped together resembling the sun, but the sun can only light one side of the world at a time.

Some people believe that Heaven is a single place where everybody co-exists. It is more of an individual place dictated by each person. For example, If one person’s version of paradise has pelicans and another does not like birds, then one of the two is not going to be experiencing their total Heaven while they are in the same universe. For this reason, there are a lot of details to pay attention to.

People have their own Heaven but they can choose to merge them together with others. Before merging, one should carefully examine what the other person’s version is like because it can change their own in a way that could affect them positively or negatively. If you were to merge everyone together, with their different versions of what constitutes their happiness, you may find yourself in a universe that looks strikingly similar to Earth as most people know it.

Designing your Heaven involves getting the best assets, as determined by your individual mind, and projecting it into an image that you are living in. Try to remove everybody else’s influence and ask yourself what your personal Heaven would be. Let your feelings guide you and do not take anyone else into account. What would the sky look like? How would animals behave? What would your daily life look like? How do people, in general, interact with one another? What is the climate like outside? Does it change or remain constant? Do this towards all aspects of life and know that it is absolutely 100% possible to experience. If you want others in your Heaven, you can always merge theirs with yours but avoid sacrifice, unless sacrificing is part of your perfection.

My heaven is quite sunny,
set with orange and blue skies.
Cloudy visit come in peace,
gray dressed beauty undenied.

Climate is truly perfect,
as it acclimates to me.
When I need it to be warm,
it sends a pleasant breeze.

When it rains I see a rainbow,
cheering colors with a smile.
Different cultures are the same,
all well blended and free styled.

Laid back people have a dash,
shinning brightly big parades.
Children have not met a scare,
innocence will never fade.

Animals are all our friends,
comrades on a path we share.
Neighbors play like-minded tunes,
music now fills up the air.

– Mytika

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