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What is an empath?

An empath is someone who can relate to another because they have experienced the same / similar scenario in their current or previous lives. By being able to relate, they are often able to put themselves in the shoes of another and feel what the other person is going through. This can be a tremendous asset or a liability depending on how each situation is handled.

Until you have been so penniless that you know what it’s like to tell your child that they can’t go on a school trip because you don’t have the $3 they need, you can’t fully understand the feeling that someone who is poverty-stricken goes through.

Until you have been so wealthy that you start to look at everyone as if they have ulterior motives when they talk to you, you can’t fully understand the feeling that someone who is prosperous goes through.

People tend to like empaths. After all, who wouldn’t like someone who can understand them? Empathy can be a real asset because it can prevent judgments.

Onto, the liability part. Here is an all too frequent scenario.

Someone (A) has an issue and runs into an empath (B).

The empath (B) listens to the other person (A) and empathizes with their situation. As the conversation continues, the empath begins feeling really bad for the person and imagines what it would be like for themselves to go through the issue. This changes the empath’s (B) energetic vibrational field to match the other person (A).

The negative energy on the person (A) detects that there is a being (B) whose energy pattern is starting to match its own personal preference as a host. It decides to leave the person (A) and attach to the empath (B) instead.

Feeling a lot better from their conversation, and the negative energy leaving, the person (A) can now leave happy. They make a note to themselves that the empath (B) is a great person to talk to whenever they need to dump their problems. The empath (B) now feels terrible hours, days or even weeks later.

If you are an empath, it is important for you to not dive so deep into your feelings that you start thinking about how you would feel in the same situation. If someone is telling you their issues, listen to them and understand how they feel without making it about you. Once you make it about you, it becomes an open invitation for the negative energy to switch to you. This is true for everyone but empaths are particularly vulnerable.

Young souls make everything about them because they do not have as many experiences to give them the relatable feelings. It is not their fault, they are just spiritually young at the moment.

As we go through lives, we forget our memories but the feelings stay with us. When you’ve been through a lot, you have the ability to feel for others because, in a sense, you’ve been them.

The more beings you can empathize with, the closer you are to God.

A piece of me
I share with you
You come to me
when I feel blue

I sympathize

with what you feel
You feel for me
so no big deal

Your problems bring me

such unrest
Unrest now lifted
off my chest

White light myself

for some affects
Affects now gone
lets see what’s next

I cure your heart

and ease your mind
Your mind so pure
a heart so kind

You look away

leave tearful eyes
Eyes meet my glance
I say good bye

Compose myself not looking back
My empathy keeps me on track

– Mytika


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