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How do I let go of self-imposed expectations?

When people are young, they have certain expectations of what life is supposed to be. These expectations are usually triggered by family views, society, movies, other social influences, etc… As a person gets older, they have their own visions for how they want to live in the future.

A person’s Ego sees this as an opportunity. It gives Ego a roadmap and a knowledge of what buttons to press in an effort to interfere with the individual’s expectations. If someone has an expectation of themself, and it’s not met, they can be open to all kinds of issues including the introduction of victim mentality (pink ray energy).

People are not fully aware that they are actually going with the flow of life. They can envision how they want their life to go but it’s not actually up to them. The important things in their life are already written and their free will dictates their perception and therefore their experience along the way. The majority will eventually say that they didn’t know their life would play out the way it did (in positive and/or negative ways). Then again, how much fun would it be to live a life if you already knew absolutely everything that was going to happen? If you knew the surprise twist of a movie, would it be as much fun to watch? There are reasons we forget our memories before entering this life. Additionally, a lot of self-imposed expectations neglect to account for what would make that person’s soul truly happy.

An approach that can be tremendously beneficial is to not focus on others or their lifestyles. Instead they can look inward and find what makes them happy. Once that is determined, they have the option to tailor a life around their happiness.

If happiness for them means being wealthy, then they can do their best to achieve wealth by investing and finding ways to better themselves financially. If they find that happiness to them is laughing a lot and not caring about financial status, they may conclude that a part-time job and inexpensive clothes is sufficient to live a happy life. Just be careful to consider both the positive and negative aspects to your decisions. For example, many wealthy people are expected to dress a certain way, not laugh too loud, groom in a particular way, behave a certain way, etc… Those that are not as wealthy are often able to live a more free lifestyle. This is not always the case but often is. Only the individual can know what their heart desires and what they are willing to trade off.

Surrendering to expectations doesn’t mean that you are quitting on them. It means that you are going to let them be if they are meant to be. You won’t have so much wrapped up into them. If it happens, it happens. If you live life without expectations, it will flow much easier towards your true happiness. Life can be fun when you are not paddling against the current.

I wrote a story in my mind,
of everything I thought to find.
The puzzle pieces all attached,
connected dots that seemed to match.
My life turned into something else,
the solid views were merely shells.

I turned my world around for me,
by letting go…letting things be.
Evaporate worries and scares,
driving my mind to where I care.
I dictate how my world will go,
becoming wind with every blow.

– Mytika


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