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How do I block the negative views of other people?

One of the great challenges in life is understanding that the opinion of others is like window shopping. If their opinion leads to a positive outcome for you, then make it your own. If it leads to a negative outcome for you, then leave it. It’s really that simple.

For example, Aiden is an actor who is heading to an audition for a movie role. When he arrives at the casting office, he sees two fellow actors from his acting class talking in the parking lot. Aiden walks up to them and asks how their auditions went. Clay tells Aiden that the agents were rude and that they probably already had someone in mind for the part. Oliver tells Aiden that, to him, they seemed friendly and gave him great feedback. After listening to both, Aiden decides to make Oliver’s opinion his own. With this small decision, Aiden has set himself up for a greater chance of success with his own audition.

Whenever you look at something long enough, the energy that you focus on it brings it to life. As such, it would be wise to not validate critics. In the game of life, critics are like boulders blocking your path, attempting to stop you. The best way to handle this, is to not emphasize on it and stop looking for it. If you see a boulder, be like water and just flow around it.

If different people are regularly criticizing you, then it could mean that you have a self-esteem issue. You have an insecurity that is being reflected back to you. Stop questioning yourself and just keep going. Realize that people are going to talk. You were not made to be loved by everyone. You are your own unique individual and everybody is going to have an opinion. Some good, some bad.

The only opinion that truly matters the most is your own. If you have a low opinion on yourself, so will everyone else. If you have a high opinion on yourself, so will everyone else. The way you treat yourself is the model that dictates how others will treat you. If you treat yourself negatively, you may find that other people will treat you bad. Most have heard that one should treat others as they would like to be treated. The same tenet applies backwards. Treat yourself as you would like others to treat you.

Moving forward, start thinking better of yourself. Keep doing that with blinders on. Get to know your True Self because the more you know yourself, the more accepting you will be of yourself.

Opinions are made
to be considered.
If it weighs too much
goals may be hindered.

View points are welcomed
but never demands.
A well expressed thought
defeats a command.

The answers you hold
drift deep in your mind.
Focus on yourself
leave judgments behind.

– Mytika

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