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How do I part ways with someone?

There are times when people that you know change. This can be evident when you observe them acting differently or having different interests. Sometimes this is temporary, but if it keeps happening then it means that they are following their individual path. At that point, it is up to you to evaluate them now and determine if you would like to keep them tied to your universe or move on.

Everybody is in their own universe. When two people meet each other, their paths overlap. If they are heading in the same direction, they can energetically tie their experiences together.

While both people are heading in the same direction, they can bond and share experiences while growing as individual people. At some point, the two may need to head in different directions in order to evolve. When this happens, people sometimes try to hold each other to the character that they were, instead of allowing them to be what they need to become.

When someone’s path leads to a different place, it is not up to you to change them back to who they were. Often times, people take the stance, “You’re not on my path? Then I hope you fall on your face!” It doesn’t have to be like this. They are not choosing their path over you. They have to take their path, in order to become the person they are meant to be. Just because the time has come for them to depart, it does not mean that you have to hate them for it. Instead, you can appreciate the fun times that you had together while both of you were walking in the same direction. Wish them the best and hope they find what they are looking for on their journey.

The person who you once walked with may go through good times or bad times, but they will get the lessons they are meant to and become what they need to. It is possible that you will overlap with them again and perhaps your new character can get to know their new character, while enhancing each other’s lives.

Winter is here
all white with snow.
A colder breeze
with every blow.

Along comes fall,
changing the trees.
The crispy leaves,
tend to fly free.

As spring arrives,
nature turns bright.
Flowers in bloom,
and shorter nights.

When summer comes,
enjoy the sun.
The warmer air,
ignites the fun.

This world is made,
of constant change.
The ones we knew,
become estranged.

As seasons pass,
so does the past.
Our current state,
is not our last.

The path we share,
may not be bound.
If you must leave,
farewell for now.

– Mytika


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