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How can the purity of God be sensed?

God can be sensed at any time. When speaking of the purity of God, it can be described as the feeling of oneness with everything within and around you. This can be sensed when a person is complete.

To be complete is to be in touch with your True Self and to fully accept your physical character. Along with completely knowing yourself, you will need to do the same with your surrounding environment.

This brings a comfort level that varies from person to person. In being still and present without distracting the mind, you gain the ability to sense God’s purity.

I walked to the edge
in search of answers
in search of signs
in search of truths

Exhausted I scream
show yourself to me!

Instantly your
eyes met mine
landed on my shoulder
and taught me to fly.

Expanded your wings
took my soul on a ride
sang a sweet song

with notes low and high.

Showed me the wonders
I kept hidden inside
becoming the strength
I knew I can find.

Knowing that in you

I can always rely
you lifted me up
while making me try

Bringing with you serenity
transforming to tranquility
for now into infinity
with me you are eternally

– Mytika

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