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What is a spiritual awakening?

A mind is ever expanding. People often think that it has a limit which leads them to conclude that there is a definitive answer to every question. Most don’t realize that every answer is a journey.

Every key unlocks an answer and every answer is a journey.

The more answers that you get, the more your mind keeps expanding to receive more answers.

A spiritual awakening is what happens when you get some spiritual answers and want more. You feel a passion for learning and knowledge along with a drive for consuming it.

People tend to have an urge to share what they learn about spirituality with others. This may be because they want to help another or because the journey they are embarking on can feel lonely. Just remember that people will take this journey when they are ready for it. They may have a lot more to learn before their True Self decides it’s the right time to set them on this course. They may currently feel more confident going sailing while the shore is still visible. I wish all of you “fair winds and following seas”.

I open my eyes
with nothing to find.
The answers found me
at last I can see.

Excitement so high
my thoughts start to fly.
Puzzles are now filled
and I feel a thrill.

Reflect and feel calm
I open my palms.
Breathe in and breathe out
clearing any doubt.

Response that I hear
“Believe without fear.”
My life is a trip
as I sail the ship.

– Mytika

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