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What are keys?

Keys are instruments used to open paths that grant you the ability to enter alternate dimensions.

A path can be seen as a long hallway with many different rooms, each representing a possible dimension you can enter. Through lessons, you obtain keys and gain the ability to enter different dimensions. You are then able to choose the dimension that you wish to experience.

The diagram below represents a path that leads to light dimensions on the right and dark dimensions on the left. The opened doors (white) represent dimensions for which keys have been acquired. The closed doors (gray) symbolize other dimensions that cannot be entered until the proper keys have been discovered. 

For example, Jada gets a phone call from her employer informing her that she needs to work on the upcoming weekend. Jada’s daughter has a recital on Sunday and has been excited about her mom watching her shine on the stage. Jada’s been in similar situations many times before but she always ends up caving to her boss because she’s afraid of losing her job. Nervous to tell her daughter, Jada decides to try to calm herself down by taking a break on her porch. She closes her eyes and takes some deep breaths. Once her mind has been calmed, she realizes that her family is her priority and that her boss should be understanding if she occasionally has other prior engagements. Jada decides to call her boss and calmly talk to him about it. Her boss is amazingly receptive and understands her situation. By learning to make her needs a priority, Jada has now acquired a key to entering a positive dimension in which her family and her work are operating in balance. In the future, when she finds herself in similar situations, she now knows a possible solution to enter a dimension she prefers.

Keys obtained
give me hope
Clears my path

so I can cope
Open doors
to new dimensions
Walking in

with pure intentions

– Mytika

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