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Feelings, Keys and Manifestation

How are feelings advantageous?

When you are faced with situations, True Self sends you emotions to guide you towards your happiness. Feelings provide you with a gauge to measure your emotions.

If the gauge moves towards positive (an uplifting rising feeling), you can expect to feel happy or excited. If the gauge moves towards negative (a downward tar-like feeling), you may feel sad or dreading.

Feelings give you the power to know what your True Self likes or dislikes. If you choose to align your decisions with this knowledge, you can balance your physical character with your soul and manifest your happiness.

For example, Josephine is a very wealthy 23 year old socialite. Having famous parents, she’s constantly a target for people who want to take advantage of her financial means. Josephine finds herself constantly questioning whether people are being genuine or not when they meet her. One day, after being burned again by a disingenuous person, she decides to put her active life on pause. She retreats to a place with no distractions and gets in touch with her True Self. After a while she finds that she is able to listen to, and interpret, her feelings. She is also able to see that, through her experiences, she has become jaded towards people. This expectation leads her to manifest people who try to use her. Determined to change her views and armed with the ability to listen to her feelings for guidance, Josephine resumes her active lifestyle. A more balanced mix of positive and negative people now come into her life and Josephine is able to feel which ones are good for her.

I was not always in touch with my feelings, which has led me to trust the wrong people. Now I have found a simple way to identify the effects that others may have on me. I first evaluate how I feel prior to contact with any specific person. I then evaluate how I feel after contact with them. I do this a couple of times per individual. If my feelings after contact result in positive emotions, I happily keep them as a part of my social circle. If not, I may choose to withdraw.

– Mytika

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