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Can anyone truly be sure of what they feel?

When you connect with yourself, you can gain an understanding of where your emotions are coming from. This insight allows you to know and accept yourself. You can then be aware of every emotion that you feel, and love yourself by being true to your feelings.

Many people find it difficult to identify, what they would consider, faults in themselves. This prevents them from admitting to having feelings such as insecurity or lack of self-worth.

For example, Larisa has been in a relationship with Aleksandr for a few months. Her only issue is that he has a tendency of being jealous and possessive with her. Larisa’s feelings towards Aleksandr are growing but his behavior has her worrying about how things could be in the future. She decides to talk to her mom about it. Larisa’s mom suggests that she should sit on her childhood swing and really evaluate how she’s feeling at the moment. With a little more prodding, Larisa finally agrees to try it. While swinging, Larisa evaluates her feelings and realizes that she’s been feeling insecure for the last couple years. Digging deeper, she realizes that her insecurity has led her to crave anything that gives her a higher feeling of self-esteem. With that awareness, she sees the truth about Aleksandr. Larisa has been the one attracting jealousy into their relationship in order to raise her own self-esteem.

Getting to truly know yourself can be difficult. Especially because you are constantly evolving. Everyday comes with something new that may change your way of thinking and effect your personality. Every seven to ten years people completely change along with every cell in their body which are replaced by new cells. This can be seen as a gift of opportunity, to recreate yourself into exactly what you would love to be.

– Mytika

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