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Feelings, Keys and Manifestation

What are feelings?

Feelings are emotions induced by the energy of True Self.

When True Self is stimulated by your character’s interactions and reflections, it sends off energies to your physical body. These energies (emotions) are what give you feelings in the physical.

If stimulated to an extreme, the physical body will experience the feeling of pain, while emotionally feeling consumed.

For instance, a slight tickle can sometimes feel good. When excessively tickled, you start feeling uncomfortable.

Feelings are emotions
formed way deep inside.
Consuming and invasive
yet not easy to hide.

At times they can gang up
confuse your heart and mind.
Sentimental cocktails
wiping tears that you once cried.

At times they come as heroes
when filled with love so kind.
Bakery warm sweetness
all your sadness left behind.

Just remember their creation
if forgotten please remind.
True self serves with adoration
let it lead and be your guide

– Mytika

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