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Ego and The Physical

Can Ego help people find their happiness?

Through lessons, people are taught to connect with their True Self. By doing this, they can reflect and discover what truly makes them happy. These lessons are all perfectly orchestrated by Ego.

For example, Chris grew up in a family of doctors. Since childhood, his family has guided him towards the medical field. Seeking approval from his parents, Chris studies hard to get accepted into medical school. While trying to select his classes for the upcoming semester, he discovers that his required Molecular Biology class has been filled up. Disappointed, Chris decides to fill the last slot in his schedule with an introduction to computer programming class that’s available. In the class, Chris finds himself drawn to programming. He sees it like solving a puzzle and feels energized at the moment when his programs actually run the way that he intended. He starts reading more books on the subject to gain further knowledge and apply it to his programming projects for class. Perhaps someday, Chris, a successful and happy dotcom president, will look back and understand the role that his inability to get into that Molecular Biology class played. Then again, he may just see it as a frustrating time in his life when he didn’t get something that he thought he wanted.

Happiness is something that’s very specific to each person. What makes one person happy can easily make another person miserable. The lessons that you get from Ego may not always make you happy at the moment but discovering your true happiness sometimes requires taking new paths.

– Mytika

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